Commercial properties

Bramstrup rents out approximately 2,000 sq. m of storage and office space, with units varying in size from 50 to 350 sq. m. These units can be furnished and fitted as required – for example, with climate control equipment and alarms. Please contact Bramstrup for more information.

The leasing of fields has enabled us to achieve the diversity of agriculture represented at Bramstrup today, and most of these leases are re-negotiated every five years. It is also possible to lease pasture areas for farm animal grazing.

Hunting and game management take place via partnerships between Bramstrup and up to three groups of hunters and other interested parties, with an eye to long-term protection of game on lands belonging to Bramstrup. Areas comprising 130, 115 and 140 hectares are available individually or combined. Please contact Bramstrup for further information.

Contact Bramstrup for more information.

Please address experimental field rental enquires to Bramstrup Knowledge Centre.

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