Construction of the new barn at Bramstrup led to the formation of Bramstrup Performing Arts, an international partnership devoted to musical performance, research on management and new ways of sharing knowledge.

This work has helped to create a new understanding of creative potential by putting non-verbal knowledge used in the performing arts into words – without diluting the artist’s power and the experience of great art. At its core, this work has been carried out in partnership with Copenhagen Business School’s Centre for Art and Leadership and a wide range of international participants from institutions such as Harvard Business School. The work has produced invaluable results for the participants and generated new insights into the nature of art and leadership, which is quite distinct from an audience’s more passive ‘consumption’ of culture.

Thanks to the barn’s special acoustic properties and unique potential for experimental staging, a number of public performances have been held in the structure, including operas, concerts and theatrical performances. In addition, the Royal Danish Opera has delivered outdoor performances at Bramstrup on numerous occasions.

Bramstrup is very happy to host such events, so please feel free to contact us if you think our facilities could be the right venue for your next cultural event. We’ll tell you more about the various options – both in the barn and in our outdoor locations.

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