The barn

It might sound strange, but Bramstrup has its own opera house, in the sense that the barn’s acoustics are of a very high international standard, and the building provides a beautiful and unusually versatile space for holding theatrical performances, concerts, conferences and other events. The yellow wooden structure with its red-tiled roof measures 17 x 17 x 70 metres and is the venue for many of the events held at Bramstrup.

The tower and stables

The octagonal tower forms the centre of the star-shaped farm complex. Able to accommodate 120 people, it’s used as an entranceway, auditorium and meeting room. The horsestable can accommodate 160 people in a truly special atmosphere.

The carriage house

The 50-metre-long carriage house comprises two pavilions under a pagoda-like roof supported by pillars. This building provides shelter from rain at outdoor events and for guests arriving at indoor events in the barn, tower or stables.

The lawns

Outside the barn, the great lawn provides two hectares of mown grass that can accommodate activities for up to 7,000 people. A smaller lawn between the farm buildings is used for smaller concerts for up to 1,500 people. The lawns also provide access to the surrounding fields and other outdoor areas.

Entrances and parking

Parking is available at the farm complex and at the large parking areas 100–200 metres from the barns. Exhibitors etc. can park immediately behind the barn. If event participants or audiences arrive by bus, a convenient drop-off point where buses can easily turn around is located right next to the barn.

Consultancy and equipment

Bramstrup is happy to assist in event planning, and has access to suppliers of tents, catered food and beverages, sound and lighting services and more. Our years of experience providing creative solutions and with cultural and other events help ensure the memorable experience we want your event to be for everyone in attendance.

Landscaping project

The landscape around Bramstrup is currently undergoing a transformation. The changes are intended in part to provide an even better setting for conferences and events. Large outdoor theatres and opportunities for match racing on the lakes are just some of the new offerings these changes will introduce.

Contact Bramstrup

Bramstrup 1, DK-5792 Årslev • Tel.: +45 70 27 55 71 • E-mail: info@bramstrup.dk