Raw materials and Landscaping

Bramstrup is situated on land that was formed by the enormous tracts of ice that covered most of Denmark during the most recent Ice Age. Since that time, human beings have impacted on and helped shape the landscape. Old forests were cleared, and new ones arose. Buildings have been erected and rebuilt. The Lindved river was dammed and regulated to generate energy and create medieval fortifications. And much of the land was transformed into farmland.

To the north of Bramstrup, the city of Odense continues to grow, and Bramstrup now faces a century where the rural areas to the north – including the notable open landscape bordered by wooded hills and the bogs in the Lindved basin – are under pressure to accommodate continued building. However, the discovery of large volumes of underground gravel and stone between Bramstrup and Odense has altered this situation, in that a combined raw materials and landscape project will now preserve and, in fact, improve the area’s value as un-built landscape.

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