The Bramstrup concept

"What we call the ‘Bramstrup concept’ is about bringing together divergent worlds that are often separated: the worlds of the leader, the consultant, the artist and the researcher – or however we may choose randomly to label each other. Achieving this, however, requires that we decline to follow two very common conventions: that of distinguishing theory from practice; and that of distinguishing art from leadership. It demands a realization that truly meaningful theory is actually a down-to-earth practice, and that genuinely useful practice is in essence theoretical. And it demands an acceptance that art – in its orientation towards the matter, it’s discipline, and by virtue of the power of its social vision – is not substantially different from the practical world of leadership, and that leadership, by virtue of its ability to work with a medium – social relations – does not differ in principle from art as regards imagination, goal-orientation, a sense for beauty, and an affinity with ‘mastery’.

Dialogue among these four worlds is essential. They have much more in common than they tend to believe."

Professor Ole Fog Kirkeby,
Centre for Art and Leadership,
Copenhagen Business School


Bramstrup is situated along the Lindved basin in the Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn on the Danish island of Fyn. With its rich natural and cultural history, Bramstrup bears witness to Danish history from the Ice Age origins of its characteristic landscape through all periods of human settlement.

Philosophically, Bramstrup is anchored in Europe, and engages in international collaborative work on culture and scientific research.

The activities that take place at Bramstrup are rooted in the site’s natural resources and the structures that have been built here over the past five centuries. These activities are described in depth under Culture and Events, Agriculture and Knowledge Centre, Raw Materials and Landscaping and Residential and Commercial Rental Properties.

Yet Bramstrup can also be thought of in other ways – as a work of art, a provider of services, or even a collection of philosophical reflections on the nature of existence.

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