Knowledge Centre

To the west of the farm complex, some eight hectares of land have been set aside for exclusive, permanent use as approximately 1,000 experimental plots. These areas were created in collaboration with the Danish organisations DLG, DLF Trifolium and Patriotisk Selskab, and are dedicated to making the most advanced knowledge in the fields of cultivation and variety refinement easily accessible to farmers and consultants at a conveniently central location in Denmark.

The approximately 400 hectares of land at Bramstrup feature a mix of heavy clay, light clay, sand and humus. The soil around the barns is very uniform in consistency, which ensures a high degree of statistical significance – i.e., reliability – for the experiments conducted there.

The work conducted at Bramstrup reflects the growing international focus of the companies involved, and each year our main partners invite a number of companies to exhibit their products at open houses, theme day events and courses.

Different varieties of barley, wheat, rapeseed, peas and other crops are exhibited, along with a large display of grass seed. During the growing season, different strategies for combatting weeds and fungi that affect crops are also demonstrated.

Experimental field visits

DLF-Trifolium, FAF/DLG and Patriotisk Selskab arrange numerous visits to the fields at Bramstrup during the growing season. At these sessions, subjects such as variety properties, sowing methods and treatment strategies are reviewed.

If you are interested in a tour of the experimental fields, please contact:

Variety testing

In 2012, all testing of varieties on the island of Fyn was consolidated at Bramstrup. The work was carried out in a special 30-hectare testing area with a regular rotational pattern for optimal previous crops and plot care. Space was also made for agro business companies to develop their ideas and present them for large groups of professional farmers under ideal conditions.

Experimental field rental

To enquire about renting experimental field plots at Bramstrup, please contact:

Bramstrup 1, DK-5792 Årslev • Tel.: +45 70 27 55 71 • E-mail: