Agriculture and Knowledge Centre

Since 1995, Bramstrup has worked with a number of parties to operate a knowledge centre for agriculture and produce. Some of the experimental crops are planted in fields that follow ordinary cultivation schedules, while others are planted in areas that are permanently dedicated to experimentation. 

Surrounding the barn complex, large grassy lawns are used for exhibitions, equipment demonstrations and similar purposes.

Nearby the barn complex, pastures for farm animals are used not just to care for the landscape, but as ‘laboratories’ for various research projects.

Activities conducted under the auspices of Bramstrup Knowledge Centre have helped to generate new ideas and resulted in well-attended demonstrations, conferences and research projects concerning the future of agriculture.

The centre’s concepts and unique methods are used by companies and other organisations in many fields, and we are now able to provide end-to-end service for our customers – from helping to develop the initial idea to hosting the final conference and demonstrations.

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