Bramstrup has a long tradition for innovation, but until 1995, the farm’s business remained anchored in traditional agriculture, supplemented by machine pool and rental property income. Subsequently, the establishment of Bramstrup Knowledge Centre (along with Bramstrup Culture and Events) has moved the farm in the direction of providing services. This has enabled Bramstrup to avoid some of the pressure to continue rationalising production through economies of scale that even the largest farms are now subject to.

Still today, however, a number of traditional crops (wheat, barley, safflower, etc.) are grown at Bramstrup. By leasing fields to different farmers, we encourage the practice of different types of agriculture on our land, including a large area devoted to organic farming and pastures for cattle and sheep grazing. Along with our large fields of experimental plots, this diversity of practices forms the basis for research conducted via Bramstrup Knowledge Centre.

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