The excavation of raw materials will enable Bramstrup to remain a historical and geographical whole and thus continue to preserve the historic cultural environmental surrounding the listed Bramstrup manor house. To the north, where flat, open areas provide a view of Odense, high tension power lines and wind turbines, the aim is to strengthen the sense of continuity with the rest of Bramstrup. The project takes its point of departure in Højby ridge and the lakes that dot the island’s countryside, which were formed by stranded blocks of ice (kettle holes).

The re-landscaping of these areas will also support the cultural and research activities and interests linked to Bramstrup, with the aim of creating an international cultural and knowledge environment in beautiful, inspiring natural surroundings close to Odense and the motorways.

Within a few years, the raw material excavation work that has already begun will result in a landscape that provides ideal settings for practicing creativity, providing unique experiences and generating new knowledge. The farm complex will offer a view over sizable lakes, behind which grassy meadows will give way to wooded hills. The lake situated to the north and west of the farm complex will be large enough to justify a maritime theme, with numerous sailing activities. It is also hoped that the re-landscaping project will lead to a new mission in the fields of gardening and landscape architecture.

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